The Family

Baa (engl. Dad) Dhan Bahadur

Dhan Bahadur Bishwokarma (or short DB) is the passionate founder of the Foster Foundation. Having experienced poverty and deprivation in his own childhood, it is his dream to support needy children and underprivileged women by his work. Being from a very remote area of Nepal he was very happy to be able to go to school but due to the lack of money could not complete his college studies. He started working as a technician working in the hydro power field. He realized that even though he was earning enough money with it, this is not what he wants from life. He quit his job and gained six years of experience in charity organisations. In 2010 (Nepali year 2067) he finally started living his vision by establishing the Foster Foundation to raise foster children in a loving family atmosphere together with his wife Rekha and their own three children. It’s important to him to make no difference between his own children and the foster children. Each day his efforts are returned when after school the children rush through the house looking for their daddy.

DB is always willing to help if you have questions about a volunteering placement at FFN, need a place to stay, a trekking guide or just want some advice on volunteering at FFN. Visit the Poon Hill Trek page to learn about other opportunities for volunteers and trekking fans.



Aamaa(engl. Mum) Rekha

rhekaRekha, wife of DB is the loving heart of the house and cares for each child like her own. She was born in Pokhara. Rekha is dedicated to care for the house and garden. Moreover she is a marvelous cook. Each morning and evening the children enjoy their mum’s Dal Bhaat.

To help support the Foster Foundation, Rekha runs a cooking class with all profits going straight to the Foster Foundation of Nepal.

In the future she wants to use her handicraft skills to train underprivileged women in rural areas. It is her vision to support these women by training them carpet making and creating handicraft products like Nepali bags, so these women can have an income to live of and sell their products benefiting the Foster Foundation.






The children

Rekha and DB have three children of their own: Their eldest daughter Sushma (age 17), their 15-year-old son Chhitij and the youngest daughter Sujata (age 13). They live together with the foster children and are very happy about their “new” brothers and sisters. They share the same rooms with them and you cannot tell them apart from the foster children.