The Organization

Foster Foundation Nepal was established in 2010 (Nepali calendar: 2067) and is registered with the Government of Nepal under the Charitable Organization Society Act. Organization donations for the mission work are 100% transparent. We provide the government with an annual audit report.

The founder and president of the Foster Foundation Nepal, Mr. Dhan Bahadur Bishwokarma (DB), along with his wife, Rekha Shinchuri, raise the children with the help of their own three children. It is this family atmosphere along with DB’s passion for helping that is setting FFN apart from similar foundations.

Read more on the family behind the organization on the Family Page.

Aims & Objectives

The foundation was established with the following aims:

  • To provide food, shelter, education, medicine, clothes and healthcare for orphans, semi-orphans, street children and socially excluded women
  • To conduct programs for children´s health, nutrition and a clean environment
  • To offer educational scholarships to children who otherwise cannot afford to go to school
  • To provide practical skills training to socially excluded women and sell their products to encourage self-employment
  • To create awareness about the importance of child education amongst parents, street children and poor families
  • To provide up to 10+2 level of education and vocational training to help the children gain self-confidence and employment
  • To empower women to be independent and uplift their social status
We believe that by providing a home and education to even a small amount of children that would otherwise have to live on the streets, we can help form a better future for Nepal.

These children will go out into the world and will themselves try to help the next generation of children. By this, our actions will be carried on and, hopefully, more and more people will start thinking differently. 


The initial fund to start the organization came from money DB had set aside from his former jobs.

Nowadays Foster Foundation is funded by the money volunteers pay during their stay at the home as well as by some sponsors that donate a certain amount of money each month. In addition to that DB earns some money being a trekking guide while Rekha gives Nepali cooking classes in her kitchen. All of that money of course goes directly to the Foster Foundation and helps the children.

Foster Foundation Nepal is seeking a more stable funding by looking for more sponsors who are interested in helping to keep up and hopefully extend our good work. 

Future plans for the foster home

Our aim is to establish a self-sustaining foster home for up to 15 children. We plan to cultivate our own vegetables and breed our own livestock (goats, chickens and cows) for FFN’s food supply with surplus being sold to support the home. Furthermore, we would like to invest in solar panels to reduce energy bills.

As the current home is too small to take in more children and there is no opportunity to have a garden for the family, DB is now searching for a new home in Pokhara.

Our vision

In the future, FFN wants to focus on the source of the problems rather than just the symptoms. In Nepal, single mothers have very difficult lives and may not be able to feed their children. Often these single-parent families leave the rural life in hope of finding work in the cities and towns, exposing the children to many dangers.

We want to address those problems by:

  • Identifying remote and poor communities within Nepal
  • Establishing a scholarship program to very poor and needy children in the villages that includes their school fees, stationary, medical care and clothing to help uplift their social status
  • Offering small loans to women to help start businesses to provide better care and education for their children
  • Making oppressed women economically independent by teaching them various skills
The first step to achieve this mission will be to go to those remote areas and find out what the reality looks like. DB will do this by collecting data and documenting the conditions of children, women and families he finds there.
On that basis, further projects can be discussed and started.
Foster Foundation is looking for partner organizations to help setting up projects in remote areas of Nepal. 

Your contribution

Our dream of a better future for Nepal and its children will not be reached without the help of donators, sponsors and volunteers.

FFN humbly appeals to all individuals and organizations to contribute to our noble cause. Your valuable contribution would enable us to support and implement programs that will greatly assist us in our efforts to provide a secure future for women and children in Nepal.