If you are interested in making a difference and experiencing a different culture, volunteering with us is a great option for you.

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What would I be doing?

Your role will involve helping the children get ready in the morning, walking them to school and back, helping them with their homework and most importantly, playing with them in their free time. You might also help out with the preparation of food and cooking. Other possible tasks include website maintenance, helping with computers, supporting the parents to improve their English and communicating with donors and sponsors. This is all depending on your own skill set and confidence.

Where will I be staying?

You can stay at the foster home or at any hotels in the local area. At the foster home you will have your own room which is clean and simple. The bathroom has a hot shower and the common squat toilet.

The foster home is located in Pokhara-12, Bhrikuti Tole,A peacefull part of Pokhara. Pokhara is one of the top destinations in Nepal offering many activities, shops and restaurants. You will be able to buy items like toilet paper, tissues or chocolate bars.

How much does it cost and what does it include?

The cost of staying at the foster home is a minimum of 1.000 NPR per day including food. The amount is payable in cash on arrival. If you are willing to give more, you are always welcome to add a donation. All the money goes directly to the Foster Foundation Nepal, and thereby is spent directly on a local, Nepali organisation. If you decide to stay for a longer time, we offer discounts:

Duration of stay Cost/Person
1 day 1.000 NPR
2 weeks 12.000 NPR
1 month 25.000 NPR
2 months 40.000 NPR

Additional days are 1.000 NPR and after one months all additional days are 800 NPR.

For everybody staying longer than 3 weeks we offer to pick you up from the airport at Kathmandu and we offer a two nights stay in a Kathmandu hotel. After two days of sightseeing in the capital we’ll get you on the bus to Pokhara where you get picked up and brought to the foster home or your hotel.

If you are interested in this service while staying shorter than 3 weeks please inquire.

Food includes tea in the morning and afternoon and a traditional meal of Dhal Bat in the morning and evening. This is the same as all family members eat and you will join their meals. If you prefer to have Western food every now and then you will find plenty opportunities in the surrounding area.

Sometimes there is free WIFI in the foster home. Like everywhere in Nepal you should be prepared that power cuts occur during the day and electricity may not always be available.

A folder with information for new volunteers is provided.

If you come to Foster Foundation directly as opposed to coming via another organisation or agent the monetary benefits for the Foster Foundation are much higher while you pay lower fees.

How long can I volunteer for?

As long as you want, but longer is always better. This can be anything from a couple of days to several weeks. Volunteering can fit around your other activities such as hiking or paragliding.

Volunteer with us in Pokhara, Nepal!

For further information and availability please contact us by email or call us on 00977-61-539929. We are always happy to answer your questions!

If you are already in Pokhara feel free to visit us and have a look by yourself.


What should I bring?

These are some things you should think about before packing:

  • Bring a sleeping bag as the nights can get cold even in Pokhara, especially during the autumn and winter months from September to February and Nepali houses have no heating. Some blankets at the bed are provided, but you might feel more comfortable in your own sleeping bag.
  • Flashlights or headlamps for power cuts.
  • Bring clothes that dry easily, as all clothes are washed by hand and on cloudy days your pair of jeans may dry very slowly.
  • Money: there are ATMs widely available at Lakeside Pokhara.
  • You are welcome to bring some photos of your home and family as the children are very interested to see where you are from.
  • Bring a couple of passport photos: you will need two on your arrival at Foster Foundation and maybe some more e.g. when you purchase a SIM card.
  • Small items or games for the children.