Thanks a lot in advance for thinking about sponsoring our foundation. We very much appreciate every help you can provide.

There are two possible ways of becoming a sponsor:

1. General Sponsorship of Foster Foundation Nepal

If you want to help funding the Foster Foundation, you can become a sponsor. This means you would agree on transferring a certain amount of money each month (or year or every 3 or 6 months; whatever suits you best) to our bank account. There is no minimum amount of what you have to give to become a sponsor. However, depending on your bank it might not make sense to give very small amounts as the costs for the transaction to Nepal might be higher. Apart from that we are happy about any amount of money you might chose to regularly support us with.

Please understand that we will rely on your money if you agree on sponsoring us. Therefore, if you want to become a sponsor, please commit to an amount of money that you can afford in the long-term as our foundation is very vulnerable to a sudden absence of funding. If it is not possible for you to commit to something like this but you still want to give something, one-time donations are of course also very welcome.

Your money will make a big difference through our organization here in Nepal.

To give you an idea about costs for running a foster home these are the estimated expenses of Foster Foundation Nepal monthly and yearly for 2010/2011

Budget Month Monthly Cost (NPR) Yearly Costs (NPR) Monthly US$ Yearly US$ Monthly EUR Yearly EUR
Food 25.000 300.000 350 4200 250 3000
School fees 10.000 120.000 14 168 100 1200
Electricity 1.500 18.000 22 264 15 180
Water 1.000 12.000 15 180 10 120
Stationery 2.000 24.000 28 336 20 240
Health Care 1.000 12.000 14 168 10 120
Maintenance 500 6.000 7 84 5 60
Fuel, Traveling, transportation servicing 3.800 45.600 54 650 38 456
Office Expenses, Phone & Fax, Internet, Postage 3.500 42.000 50 600 35 420
Staff Salary 30.000 360.000 430 5142 300 3600
Entertainment 2.000 24.000 28 342 20 240
House Rent 20.000 240.000 285 3428 200 2400
Clothes 1.000 12.000 14 168 10 120
Emercency fund / misc. 4.000 48.000 56 672 40 480
Total Expenditure Cost 105.300 1263.600 1.367 16.404 1.053 12.636


2. Sponsoring one child

Apart from being a general sponsor of the Foster Foundation, it is also possible to sponsor one specific child.

Sponsoring a child can be very rewarding. From your first payment until they finish education, you will be ensuring that they have the best chances in life.

The child you sponsor will keep in touch through letters whilst the Foundation will provide you with school reports so that you can see your support is directly helping a young life.


  • Age 0 to 1042.000 NPR or 420 € per year and child
  • Age 10 to 14: The above plus an additional 10 % as school fees, books and clothes become more expensive
  • From age 14: Another 10% on top of the former amount

This includes the costs for living, food, school fees, stationary, clothes and medical care as well as a sponsorship kit. The kit includes the child´s profile, school and progress reports, photos, drawings and other information regarding the sponsored child.

Visit your sponsored child

Sponsors are always encouraged to build a relationship with their child. Meeting your sponsored child can be a valuable experience that builds a good relationship with the children. You are most welcome to visit your sponsored child and observe the improvements made possible by your valued contribution.

Choosing a child to sponsor

The following children are still looking for sponsors:





Current constraints

Please understand that we do not want to favour any of the foster children over the others. This means that as long as we do not have a sponsor for each of the children, we cannot use your child sponsorship money for one child exclusively. Although you will officially be the sponsor for your chosen child and get photos and emails from this child, your money will still be used for the rest of the children as well in order to ensure that all of our foster children have the opportunity to live and study in a healthy environment.


Thanks a lot for your support!!


If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.