Thanks a lot in advance for your wish to donate something to our Foster Foundation. All donations are very much appreciated.

Donating items like toys and clothes for the children

We are very happy if you want to donate some toys or clothes for the children and manage to fit in your backpack when you come here as a volunteer or just for a visit. Please bear in mind that if you send us a parcel it is often more expensive for you than it would be to buy the things here in Nepal. Furthermore depending on the contents of the package we have to pay a fairly high amount of taxes and customs when we pick it up at the post office. In addition to that the postal service in Nepal is not as reliable as it might be in your home country.

Donating money

As a result of the reasons given above if you can´t or don´t want to visit us, we prefer to receive donations in form of money. Just give as much as you like, every little piece helps.

You can either just send us an amount and we will spend it on whatever is needed at the moment or you can inform us that you would like to donate money for one specific item. In that case, please contact us first, so we can discuss whether we actually need the item or not and how much it would be. To give you an idea of some items that are not included in our basic monthly expenses but would be very useful for us, we have made a list of equipment we need. We try to update it constantly but to be sure that nothing  from the list was bought recently by another donator or volunteer, please ask us first.

  1. Special food for the children like fresh fruits, more expensive vegetables or cookies
  2. Furniture – bed, mattresses, cupboards, pegs, a table, chairs
  3. Small speaker for the computer
  4. Early reading books
  5. Books for our library
  6. Games for the children
  7. Clothes and shoes for the children
  8. Stationery (pens, notebooks, paper, rubbers, cutters)
  9. A big box of candles for power cut times
  10. A power generator / big battery  to have light during the power cuts
  11. A motorbike (yes, we know, this would be a huge donation but just in case you are a group of people and want to give something together .. we are currently renting a bike from a friend who´s coming back to Nepal next year. After that we will not have any possibility to travel quickly if e.g. one of the children is sick)

If you decide to donate money for one specific item or cause, you will of course get a copy of the receipt and a photo to show you that your money was actually spend the way you wanted.

Our bank details

Account name: Foster Foundation Nepal

Nepal SBI Bank Limited, Pokhara

S/Account No: 18315241400912

Swift code: NSBINPKA

Kaski, Nepal


Thanks a lot for your help!!